We continue to provide Covid vaccinations at the Church of The Latter Day Saints in Haborne. The second booster vaccine, for the over 75s, immunosuppressed, housebound and care home residents began on 21 March 2022 and will be coordinated by the practice. It will be offered by invitation only at this stage to ensure we manage the workload and ensure only eligible patients are vaccinated, so please wait to be contacted for your dose.

For other groups there are no plans for a second booster at present, although there is a possibility that a second booster will be offered to a wider group in the Autumn.

The Covid vaccine offer is ‘evergreen’. This means that if you have previously not taken up your first, second or 1st booster jab you can have these at any time.  Phone reception, use the Contact Us on this website, reply to a text invite or Phone 119 to book yours.

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