Flu cases on the rise, vaccines available until 31 March

This winter we have seen an increase of flu , reduced exposure to flu (due to previous year protections) have led to lower natural immunity and so far during the 2022 to 2023 season the highest levels of flu for over a decade have been seen – with hospital admission rates at a very high level over the Christmas period. The highest rates were in older adults and young children . Winter isn’t over yet and we need to guard against further surges, as we have seen in past seasons. The pandemic has disrupted the usual seasonal timings of many other infections, so it’s possible we will also see flu activity outside the usual winter period.

It is really important we ensure good coverage to all, especially those eligible for the fu vaccination. Please contact the surgery if you wish to book in for your overdue flu vaccination, it is not too late to provide protection and vaccines can be offered up until 31st March 2023. You can contact the surgery to register your request for a Flu vaccine via contact form. Please see link below for Ridgacre House Surgery.

Ridgacre House Surgery – https://nchp.digipractice.org/contact-us

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