Ridgacre House Surgery Patient Participation Group

 Notes of a Zoom Meeting held on Wednesday 16th September  2020

  • Present: Bob Dowling (Deputy Chair),Betty Cowley(Secretary),  Janet Haines, Arthur Haines,(Treasurer) Andrew Lowrie,  Mick Guy, Christine Cartwright, Patricia Brown, Glenn Jones and Mrs. Jones , Julie Chilton (Practice Manager)  , Dr. V. Manley



Action by


Introductions and Apologies.


Apologies from :  Kevin Manley-Green,   Maureen Bancroft, Derek Oliver , Linda Toft, Barbara Wilcox , Jane Don and Ian Middlemiss.     Bob welcomed everyone to the meeting  and asked for introductions for the new members.



Notes of the meeting held on  Monday 20th January  were taken as read and  were approved.



Matters Arising




Items to be raised with the Practice

 * Flu vaccinations – when , where?

 * How long does the Practice think the restrictions at the surgery will be in place?

 * How Easy is it to get a “face to face” appointment?

 * Christine raised the issue of Dovecote not featuring on the Website and that it is hardly ever open now. She asked for clarification on when Dovecote is open and used. ( Mick said his wife had been able to get appointments on Thursday afternoons, this was not a specialised Clinic) Betty asked if there was a notice outside of opening times. Although in the current climate there must always be an appointment time to visit in place, there are no “walk in” sessions at either Surgery. 

Bob asked for background information on Dovecote and he was given the history.

* What is a Custom Prescription?


GP Report


* Julie arrived before Dr. Manley and answered the question on Custom Prescriptions. She said that if a patient requested a prescription  and the Doctor felt it necessary they would ask the patient to be seen by a Doctor first before prescribing.

Dr. Manley joined the group .

The first question was where we are with the flu vaccinations. Dr. Manley said they are coming at the end of September and the childrens’ “jabs” are already on site. People will be contacted  and given appointments. She pointed out that it will be slower as after every visit everything has to be cleaned. She thinks it will be one every five minutes. Much slower than before so there will have to be long late sessions, probably over whole weekends. Also she pointed out that the Government have identified a larger group of people to have the vaccinations. A Senior nurse will be overseeing the whole procedure.  Julie pointed out that the reason for the delay in starting was because last year just before the Surgery were due to start there was a delay in receiving the vaccines. The Surgery have sent out text messages to say they will be doing the vaccinations because patients have been contacted by local pharmacies to go to them for the vaccine.

Betty asked that if patients go to a pharmacy should they let the surgery know. Dr. Manley said the pharmacies are supposed to inform the surgeries but that doesn’t always happen.Dr.Manley felt that although it is Patient choice if they use the Surgery it goes straight onto the patient’s notes. Bob mentioned that a school he is involved with have organised their own staff vaccine . Dr. Manley said that is fine as long as the Practice know. She pointed out that if the Practice doesn’t know they will miss targets and not have the information on Patients notes.

Glenn Jones introduced himself as a new member living at Hadley Lodge .He asked if the surgery would be able to go to the Lodge and do everyone together. Dr. M anley said that it would not be possible this year as there is so much kit involved now with PPE that it would not be possible.

Dr. Manley said patients would only be invited into the Surgery when there is a clinical need to be seen and examined. Initially a phone call, photographs, then video if necessary and then go into surgery if necessary.

Bob said he had a very successful telephone consultation and  supplied a photograph which had been sufficient for the consultation.

Dr. Manley said  that face to face appointments will not be possible in the forseeable future and possibily at  least six months.

Christine asked about getting an afternoon appointment, Julie said to ask for one.

Staff News

Matthew Powell FY2, Sarah Baily, Sana Razvi

Pat Marsh and Debbie Bedi retired in May

Debbie will be returning in October

Sue Clinton returned to us in July

New Staff

Shannon Leigh in Admin, Karen Horton has moved to Nechells as Site Lead.

Sannah Rashid – Reception, Claire Beaman – Reception, Nadia Khan – Reception.

Bob took this opportunity of thanking Dr. Manley and all the staff at Ridgacre for their hard work and said we aware of the strains and difficulties this time is putting on the staff shoulders. Dr. Manley said she thought the patients have been amazing and recognised how difficult the present time is and she wanted to thank the Patients.

Bob asked if Livi was still in operation, Dr. Manley said it was still working.

Christine added that she has found the good humour of the staff has been very helpful  and she has found the telephone consultations have improved communication.  Dr. Manley would feed that back to staff. She also said how much support they had had from their “whatsap” group which helped to keep moral up. Dr. Manley put forward the idea of having an evening Zoom meeting in the future. She suggested sending out a text message from the surgery to see if more people wanted to join in the next meeting.



Chairperson’s Report

Hello Folks

First may I pay tribute to my predecessor for her sterling work in the leading the PPG and holding things together. Under her sterwardship the group has thrived and become a solid support to patients and our committed Doctors.

I want to thank Betty, our stalwart secretary. In any organisation the role of secretary is a vital albeit thankless job. Betty carries out the role of secretary with effienciency and good humour. A PPG can offer valuable service to patients and practise in their efforts to ensure that the service they offer to patients is second to none.

Our recent meeting was via Zoom , which those of us involved felt worked rather well. The next meeting will take place later in the evening which will hopefully allow more of us to get involved. This meeting will be open to all patients at Ridgacre who can access Zoom.  Again we will meet on Zoom. Only 40 people can join so those who

wish to take part in the meeting should let Julie , who is based at the Surgery, know if they wish take part.

I want to thank Andrew Lowrie for facilitating our first Zoom meeting and he will also handle the technology for the next meeting.

Finally despite the doom and gloom associated with Covid let’s do our best to stay safe and remember that we are a resilient people who don’t give in.














Treasurer’s Report

No change . The balance is still £26.60



Suggestion Box





Christine wanted to raise the issue of attending the Surgery at the present time. She said her visits there have been well managed inside  but she had concerns about the waiting area on the carpark. She has witnessed groups waiting with a patient who congregate around the entrance making it difficult to get through in a socially distanced manner. Julie said that people are asked to come on their own . She also said they are organising a barrier system outside . She is also aware that with the winter approaching that an outside cover is necessary and this is being investigated. Christine asked if  a reminder could be put on the Website asking people to wear their masks and to socially distance outside.

Betty asked about the annual checkup for older patients. This would not be taking place at present. Betty asked if a note could be put on the website to inform patients.

Bob asked about a cover by the outside pharmacy . Dr. Manley said they are having a quote for an outside cover on the carpark and perhaps the pharmacy could be included.

Janet  had written a tribute to Cliff Hilder, who died in January. Betty read it out:


I would like to take this opportunity to pay tribute to the longest serving patient representative of our group. Cliff Hilder, alongside Dr. Maurice Conlon were founder members of Ridgacre House PPG in 2005. Throughout this time he has been a stalwart contributor, including the challenging role of Secretary. He regularly attended other Health Group Meetings, relaying information to the group discussion.

Cliff was a charming approachable person with a droll sense of humour. Many of us were saddened by his passing just shor t of his 90 th birthday.


Betty wanted to give a personal “thankyou”to Andrew Lowrie. He had allowed us to use his Zoom facility and he had taken on contacting people with the link.



Date and Time of Next Zoom Meeting

Monday 18th November  2020  commencing at 7.00 pm.

The meeting closed at 4,30 pm

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