Ridgacre House Surgery Patient Participation Group

Notes of a Meeting held on Monday 20th January 2020

  • Present: Bob Dowling (Deputy Chair), Betty Cowley (Secretary), Linda Toft, Jane Don, Derek Oliver, Barbara Wilcox, Mick Guy, Christine Cartwright, Jeanette Russell, Kevin Manley-Green, Patricia Brown, Dr. Martens, Julie Chilton (Practice Manager), Ian Middlemiss (Business Manager), Mundev Kaur (Active Wellbeing Society)



Action by


Introductions and Apologies.

 Apologies from:  Janet Haines, Arthur Haines, Maureen Bancroft, Andrew Lowrie. Bob welcomed everyone to the meeting and asked for introductions for the new members.



Notes of the meeting held on Monday 18th November were approved.



Matters Arising






Items to be raised with the Practice

*Christine wanted to know why Dovecote was closing 3 afternoons each week and many older patients just “turn up”. She wanted it noted that many patients are giving positive feedback especially when having medication reviews, where the medications are being changed.

* Several members are finding it difficult getting appointments, on line and on the telephone

* Can Highfield be used more?

* Mick brought up the question of where to sit at Ridgacre. He noted when coming to an appointment that the Doctor was upstairs but was unaware that he had to wait upstairs. A suggestion that the board should say “Please take a seat upstairs”.

* Kevin felt that there was not much on the website about Dovecote.



GP Report

 Julie said she will produce a notice to put on the door at Dovecote. She will put details of Dovecote opening on Website.

 Julie will do a notice for the board saying patients seeing a Doctor upstairs must take a seat in the upstairs waiting area.

 There had been staff illness and a high number of appointments being requested hence the lack of online appointments. Julie still puts any spaces online each morning.

Highfield is used for Clinics.

 Dr. Martens attended in place of Dr. Manley. The Tender for the Nechells Practice had been successful. The Pharmacist is on hand for any queries and prescription clerks are supporting the doctors at Ridgacre Surgery.

 Ian said the Nechells Practice was for 10 year period. A high number of Patients from the second surgery that closed at Nechells have registered with our Nechells surgery which has involved a great deal of paperwork for the secretarial staff.

 Dr. Angeline Darren has joined us replacing Dr. Daisy Flanagan.

New Receptionists – Lisa Ford and Ellis Baker

CQC due in February.



Chairperson’s Report

 As Janet was ill Bob reported on the progress of the Newsletter. It was hoped to be ready for Easter and there would be a painting competition for the children. Mundev said she would contribute, giving details of the work she is doing.

 Mundev took the opportunity of giving us an update on her work. She had started seeing Patients. Wednesdays 9 – 1.00. She started by informal chats to assess their needs. Each patient would have goals. She had started patients on

 *the Queens Park Walk

*Shared Meal


She can do home visits and showed us the Active Wellbeing Surveys she had been using with Patients.  She is looking at developing the garden at the Annexe by getting patients involved.



Treasurer’s Report

Arthur had received monies from the Practice to give a balance of £50.00

Arthur had submitted a bill for petrol at 45p a mile for conferences he and Janet had attended. £5.85; £11.70; and £5.85. Leaving a balance of £26.60




Suggestion Box






 Betty had been in touch with Cliff and is pleased to report that, having certain modifications, he is now out of hospital and settling back home.






Date and Time of Next Meeting

Monday 23rd March 2020 at the Annexe 127 White Road commencing at 3.00 pm.

The meeting closed at 4.15 p.m.






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