We are a Vaccine Positive practice

We know nothing in life matters more than your child. We share this view.

This is why we are a ‘Vaccine Positive’ practice. This means we:

  • Confidently and positively promote giving all the NHS childhood vaccinations.
  • Are always willing to discuss any questions you have about your child’s vaccinations.
  • Will always follow things up with you if there is any delay to your child having their vaccines.


Vaccination is one of the greatest success stories in modern medicine. It saves lives and prevents suffering. All childhood immunisations (including MMR) have a very strong safety record, so they do a lot of good with hardly any risk of harm. The scientific evidence on this is very strong.

This is why we expect all eligible children registered at our practice to receive all their childhood immunisations on time.

We take this attitude because we know there is a problem in popular media of some groups trying to create worry about vaccine safety, so that you delay or avoid your child having some or all of their vaccines. Our view is that websites and discussion groups that suggest this are dangerous and are encouraging you to put your child at unnecessary risk.

By contrast, we are confident about vaccines and the NHS schedule for giving them. We hope that this in turn inspires you be confident and bring your child promptly for vaccination when their invitations come.

This is a real issue. We periodically notified of harm or even death of a child in Birmingham from an illness that vaccination  could have protected them from.  The more children who are fully vaccinated, the safer all the children will be.

Please support our Vaccine Positive ambition to achieve 100% coverage for our children.

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